As a child, I was the one that would not be restrained by the lines or even the ideas presented by the page: T-Rex needed antennae, and breathed fire.  As I grew older, my illustrations swerved swiftly toward the fantastic: mermaids and unicorns and dragons, cat people from outer space, knights and ninjas.  From those early days and illustrations grew a passion for visual arts.


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I have been designing, fabricating, and repairing jewelry since August of 1999, my entire adult life — arguably longer.

I specialize in the repair, maintenance, and creation of religious and talismanic jewelry in silver and gold.  I also do custom lapidary work. 

A few of my personal designs can be seen to the right.
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Specializing in portraits and landscapes, I am obsessed with myth, ritual, and identity — with the scale of the earth and sky — with the processes of art and music.  All of the photography on this site, from portraits to backgrounds to the covers of my novels, is my own.

A few of my favorite pieces can be seen to the left. 
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Ritual Masks and Robes

  1. Equinox Mask
  2. Deathly Aspects of Fire
  3. Deathly Aspect of Air
  4. Deathly Aspect of Earth
  5. Deathly Aspect of Water
  6. Visionary Mask
  7. Elemental Masks
Both literally and metaphorically, masks are the ultimate confusion of identity.  Each of my masks is made to explore a mystical technique or concept, or to embody an archetype of divinity.  I have made fourteen masks to date: one exploring the deathly and living aspects of each of the four classical elements (the Deathly aspects of Water, Air, and Earth can be seen above), one representing Death, one representing the Sun, one the solar aspects of Prometheus, and one the lunar aspects of the Logos.

I also design and construct ritual robes based on the chiton, peplos, and toga of ancient Greece and Rome, and the designs suggested by the witchcraft manuals of the 1960s and ’70s.

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