Resume & Curriculum Vitae

Arts and Crafts

·    Expert at fabricating jewelry designs in gold and silver. 
·    Highly skilled and experienced in cleaning and preparing rough cast pieces for retail sale.
·    Expert and experienced at bezel setting both cabochon and faceted stones. 
·    Skilled at prong setting cabochon stones in all shapes, as well as round and triangular faceted stones.  Some training in other forms of stone setting.
·    Skilled at and experienced in cutting semi-precious stones on both a traditional wet lapidary and a GRS flat-lap.

·    Expert at sizing and re-shanking rings, "twilight" soldering, and most other repairs. 
·    Highly skilled at tipping prongs over diamonds and corundum, and rebuilding prongs and other settings. 
·    Trained in the use of hand-driven engraving machines. 
·    Expert at repairing eyeglasses, including some titanium frames, and costume jewelry.

·    Supernatural horror novel currently in final punctuation edits.
·    Annual participant in National Novel Writing Month challenge since 2007; winner in 2007, 2014.

·    Talented illustrator with good hand-eye coordination and attention to detail.
·    Portrait and art photographer.
·    Ritual masks in clay and paper mache.

·    Jewelry designs based in art nouveau, fantasy art, and goth style.
·    Clothing and costume designs based in Greek and Roman draped garments, goth, and punk styles.

Work History

Bench Jeweler | Vulcan's Forge | Kansas City, MO | March 2016 to Present
·    Responsible for ring sizings and general jewelry repairs with an emphasis on quality and craft.
·    Responsible for assisting with retail sales and watch batteries.

Bench Jeweler | Jewelry Doctor | Overland Park, KS | January 2008 to March 2016
·    Responsible for ring sizings and general jewelry repairs with an emphasis on speed, logging up to 35 jobs per day and $100/hr production on busy weekends.
·    Responsible for assisting with retail sales and watch batteries.
·    Entrusted with both opening and closing responsibilities, including daily bookkeeping.
·    Covered vacations, sick days for other employees.

Bench Jeweler | Bruton’s Jewels and Gems | St. Louis, MO | April to September 2007
·    Responsible for sizings and general repairs.
·    Assisted with sales and in-store security.
·    Assisted with store remodel.

Bench Jeweler | Goldmaker’s Jewelry | Lawrence, KS | September 1999 to June 2006                         
·    Performed ring sizings, general repairs, simple fabrication, and store maintenance.
·    Balanced store checkbook month-to-month, produced annual and as-needed reports, and assisted with monthly and annual tax forms.
·    Performed day-to-day maintenance for office computers and updated tax and payroll spreadsheets annually.
·    Annual and as-needed building maintenance on store and rental properties.
·    Trusted with store keys, door code, and open/close responsibility since spring 2003.

Education and Academic Credentials

Associate of Arts | 2011 | Metropolitan Community College
·    Studied history and literature.
·    Awarded Honors in Writing, graduated with Honors.

Bachelor of Arts | 2014 | Earlham College
·    Major in Ancient and Classical Studies
·    Graduated with Honors.
·    Thesis: διγενής: On the Ambiguous Natures of Dionysus and Women.

Arthur M Charles Service Award | 2013
The Arthur M. Charles Service Award is given to foreign language students at Earlham College in recognition of service to the foreign language department, excellence in foreign language study and fine character.


Earlham College
Teaching Assistant for Prof. Susan Wise – Attic Greek | 2013-14
Graded quizzes, tests, and other assignments. Taught occasional classes. Ran twice-weekly study sessions.

Teaching Assistant for Prof. Max Paule – Classical Latin | Fall 2014
Graded quizzes and tests. Taught occasional classes. Ran weekly study sessions.

Teaching Assistant for Prof. Susan Wise – History of the Ancient Mediterranean | Spring 2013
Graded quizzes and homework assignments.


Study Abroad – May Term in Greece  | 2014
Prof. Susan Wise, Steve Heiny, Max Paule


διγενής: On the Ambiguous Natures of Dionysus and Women | 2014
Earlham Historical Journal

διγενής: On the Ambiguous Natures of Dionysus and Women | 2014
Miami University Undergraduate Conference in the Classics

On the Threatening Natures of Dionysus and Women | 2014
Earlham College Annual Research Conference

English – native language
Attic Greek – 3 semesters
Classical Latin – 3 semesters

Heartland Spiritual Alliance

Work Exchage Attendee | HPF 2012

Voting Member | July 2014 - Present
·    Proposed a Five Year Plan to expand and promote the festival, whch was adopted.
·    Proposed a Statement of Ethics to be signed by new and renewing members, which was adopted.
·    Worked Sacred Experience Committee, designing, performing main rituals for annual festival, and overseeing third-thursday Spirit Circle meetings.

Chairperson of the Sacred Experience Committee | May 2015 to June 2017
·    Head team writing, coordinating, and performing public ritual performances for annual festival with 400-500 attendees.
·    Manage multiple project groups with team leads in both Kansas City and St. Louis.
·    Make progress reports to Officers and Board of Directors at monthly membership meetings.
·    Coordinate with other Committee Heads for scheduling, publications, and coordinating volunteers and staff.

Board of Directors | Elected 2016
·    Charged with spearheading Five Year Plan and Statement of Ethics.

Chair of the Board of Directors | July 2016 - July 2017
·    Oversaw and mediated disptutes between committee heads.
·    Reported Board of Directors investigations and findings to Membership at Monthly Meetings.

Photo (c) 2017 Charlie Tyde

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